A quick hiking trip and guide to satsar mala lakes.

This is a story about my adventure to Satsar Mala Lakes. The lake is located In kaghan valley. A few km ahead of Besal and trek starts just after the main point of Lulusar lake. Now arises the question that what kind of vehicles can approach this lake? Just to clear that every kind of vehicles can go to start point of trek.
My journey was of two days starting from my home to sat sar mala and back home again. In this journey I travelled for 26 Hours and Trekked for 06 Hours. I Rested for 03 Hours

It started as a unplanned event of life. I got a call from an old trekking buddy. He want to start his trekking again or should I say he was looking forward to “Re-Trekking” his MBA occupied him so much that he couldn’t continue his first love. So when I got his call I contacted another close buddy. Now the team is prepare we had just one problem left. Time! We didn’t have much time so it was decided to do this trip on weekend. As the weekend was approaching people start backing out. Now that the initiator of the plan is out. I start thing why did this plan ever came into my life I was living happily without it. But now I feel the urge to complete it. At this moment I realized that if the initiator was out from the plan it doesn’t mean that there is no plan, there is definitely a plan to execute. A couple of sudden changes were required to get the maximum benefit from the already half cooked plan. So without exerting a much load on brain, we decided to give it a try to execute our plan. A try, unless we have to change our minds to postpone it. So we went with the try. Generally we used to go on public transport but this time due to Time constraints, we decided to give a try on own vehicle. It was a quick trip but I enjoyed every moment of it. It gave me courage to fulfill my dreams even when there is no road map left to follow.

Following is the timeline of my trip
15:00 Left lahore
15:30 Entered Motor way
19:30 Reached Hassan Abdal for Dinner
20:30 Re started after Dinner
02:30 Reached Naran (took a 2.5 Hours rest in the vehicle in Naran Bazar)
05:00 Open our eyes and started next journey
06:00 Reached Jalkhad for Breakfast
07:00 Reached Besal. Parked our car and get a guide + jeep
08:30 Reached at the start of trek
12:00 Reached Surkhail Lake
15:00 Reached back to Jeep
16:00 Reached Naran
21:00 Reached Abbotabad for Dinner
00:00 On Motor Way
02:30 Half hour stop at Kalar Kahar for a Power Nap
05:00 Reached FSD just after 38 hours of travelling

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