Astore, Gilgit

Astore is one of the ten districts of Gilgit, Baltistan. It contains the Astore Valley, which adjoins Nanga Parbat to the east. This valley contains more than 100 villages and several natural attractions. Lakes, forests, wildlife, glaciers. Astores got it all.

When People say there’s no place like Pakistans North, its places like Astore they have in mind. Lush greenery and dazzling blue skies with impossibly high peaks going right through the clouds are just the beginning. This district, easily accessed by road from Gilgit, offers something for everyone. From fittest die-hard adventurers to the family with members of all ages looking to take in some views and make the most of their summer.

There are gorgeous valleys, campsites, easy treks, hard treks,week-long treks, and scenic rivers. There are rare animals, Glaciers, Pines and Peaks.18 of the worlds highest mountains are found in the Gilgit region and many of these can be viewed, or if arrangements are made, trekked to, from Astore and the nearby village of Tarashing. It also hosts the Rama polo festival and offers food that is quite a change from the typical Pakistani palate.

While not equipped with all the comforts of the major cities- the locals only have running water in winters, the area is equipped with many comfortable lodging options, notably the high-quality PTDC motel. Even those seeking luxury can be accommodated if they make the short trip to the Serena hotel in the area. In order to make the most of this paradise, however, you will have to leave the lap of luxury to take part in camping and trekking. You will be worry free too because this happens to be one of the safest areas under Pakistans control. Regional and national tourism development institutions also provide jeeps for rent so you can get around and be assured of reliable and safe transport. Read on for more details

Reasons to go

  • Rama Lake

  • Mazino pass

  • Kaala Paani valley

  • Tarashang Glacier

  • Harpo pass

  • A view of the Naked Mountain: Rama lake offers a spectacular view of one of the monster mountains eastern face




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