Bahawalpur - The City of Nawabs and Palaces

Visit Bahawalpur to never come out from the magical stance of the historical beauty of this city!

Hum aisay ehal-e-nazar ko saboot-e-haq kay liay
Agar rasool na hotay tou subah kaafi thee

Once a land of Nawabs and riches, Bahawalpur is now Pakistans 11th largest city. While not as famed as Lahore or the northern areas when you think Pakistani Tourism, Bahawalpur still offers a royal feast of sights and experiences for those who make it to the nawabs land. Bahawalpur, being in southern Punjab, was also influenced by the historical and Sufi centers of Multan and Uch Sharif.

This princely state in Punjab has history etched at every stone and building. The number of monuments, historical buildings and parks will leave you stunned. It is an underdog area, even among Pakistanis too. The palaces reek of the princely eras and how majestically they used to live.

Given all this history, it offers some beautiful palaces and mosques. It also has a royal graveyard that displays the blue tile and blue decorated buildings that southern Punjab and Sindh are known for. Alongside these more decorated buildings is the simple grand military sight of the Derawar Fort and the natural beauty of the desert it is situated in. For a special treat, visit during the jeep rally and witness the fireworks over the fort. Its a raw and impressive beauty, something that typical greenery can’t match. The city also has a great family amusement park and zoo. The museum is also very worth visiting.

One can easily see themselves falling in love with the palaces, parks and lush greenery alongside the completely different deserted areas as well. Without any doubt, Bahawalpur makes to our list of best places to visit in Pakistan.


Things to see and do:

  • Noor Mahal
  • Gulzar Palace
  • Amusement Park
  • Bahawalpur Zoo
  • Bahawalpur Museum
  • Derawar Fort: impressive ruins
  • Abbasi Mosque: Pearl in the desert
  • Darbar Mahal: reminders of a princely state


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