Mirpur, Azad Kashmir

Mirpur city is a city in the district of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. It is the largest city of Azad Kashmir and is famously known as the “Little England of Pakistan” due to the fact that a large number of population, that once resided here, has now moved to England. The district of Mirpur has a population of 456,200 and covers an area of almost 1,010 km2. The district mainly comprises of mountains but also has some plains.

Mirpur is the capital of the Mirpur district and is the largest city of Azad Kashmir. One thing that makes Mirpur quite interesting and somewhat different is its evolving culture. It’s residents have had quite a lot of exposure to the west. A large majority of people from Mirpur has migrated to Britain, mainly to Bradford, which has significantly improved its economy. This has also resulted in a uniquely Mirpury fusion of English and Desi culture and ways. You have to go there to really get what we mean.

In terms of landscapes and adventure, it is an attractive place to visit for tourists from all over the world, especially in the winters when it offers views of the most exquisite landscapes. During the summer season, it’s climate conditions closely resemble those of Jhelum and Gujrat. For those interested in adventure tourism it offers many activities such as water sports, boating, fishing etc. The construction of Mirpur converted the old Mirpur into an artificial lake, which gave birth to a whole new city called the New Mirpur city. Thanks to modernization, Mirpuri culture has been continuously evolving over the years. The area has also developed. The people residing here are more well read and well informed compared to before. All the basic necessities and some luxuries of life are available to the local people here including; hospitals, malls, banks, and hotels etc.

For leisure and adventure seekers, Mangla dam offers loads of facilities eg. Jet ski, water bikes, boating etc. This lures families, friends and other visitors to visit this place in order to enjoy a weekend out, away from home. During the nighttime, in the summer, some people prefer to do a barbeque with their friends, taking advantage of Mangla Dams sensational fish.

Top attractions in Mirpur

  • Mangla Dam: boating, fishing, BBQ and more.

  • Ramkot Fort: A boat ride to the 16th century

  • Khari Sharif: Famous Sufi shrine

  • Mega Mart: foreign goods and brands galore

  • Street food and Mega bite: Unique flavors


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