Gwadar - The Dubai of South Asia

Gwadar, an endless magnificence, with adventure at every twist and turn is waiting for you. So head over and make it happen!

The almost an international trade hub for Pakistan is a journey of the state to a new advanced world. Located on the Arabian Sea in the province of Balochistan, Gwadar has gained a strategic as well as economic importance in no time. With a profound meaning in its name; Gwa: Air Dar: Door; Door of the Wind, the port acquired a more meaningful position in the practical world by becoming an economic gateway.

When one first hears the word Gwadar, all that comes in mind are ports, sea, and ships. But only a fool would judge a book by its cover. With significant links with China, the port city has its own unique style and culture. Among all the experiences, you wouldn’t regret walking through the local bazaars, sneaking into the beautiful culture and tradition and absorbing the pulse of the city.

Getting away from the bazaars towards the heart of Gwadar, one finds itself in entirely a different world. Gwadar is beyond the business and CPEC. And Oh, ship! The beauty of the deep blue sea, an endlessly captivating sunset, the warm Arabian wind and seeping feet in the soft sand by the sea is an experience in its self.

Things to do:

  • Explore the shipyard of Gwadar


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