Bahawalpur - The City of Nawabs and Palaces

Being one of the oldest cities of Pakistan, Bahawalpur had seen times when Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan founded it, the times when Abbasi III allied with British, the times when Bahawalpur turned into a princely state and the time when Pakistan came into being. This all led to the formation of a culture so diverse and so rich.

Since the region is inhabited by people of different tribes, mainly Punjab, Cholistan, and Rajhastan, so people speak different languages including Urdu, English, Iyasti, Majhi, Bagri, and Haryanvi.

Bahawalpur has a lifestyle hard to put in just one word. The city has various modes of life. If you begin to look at this city and its people, you’ll be surprised to find people in lungis and turban at one end while at the other end of the town you’ll find people in suits and ties.

This goes without saying that hospitality and love is one common trait of all Pakistanis. Thus, it wouldn’t be a surprise if like everyone else in Pakistan; rich or poor invites you over or tea or just for a nice gup-shup.

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