Bahawalpur - The City of Nawabs and Palaces

Cholistan Jeep Rally:

Vroom Vroom. Ready, Set, Roll!
The Cholistan undoubtedly is a treasure of Bahawalpur. The mighty desert stretched through miles seems so endless, just like the awe-inspiring experience the Cholistan gives to its spectator. So what can be done about this jewel of Bahawalpur? You guessed it right! A jeep rally. An identity maker for the Cholistan Desert. With an aim to endorse culture, history, and most importantly, this majestic beauty, jeep rally occurs each year. And do you know what the best part of this festival is? Women get to actively participate as well!

Chanan Peer Mela:

Cultural musical shows, theaters, Jhoomar, Circus, Magic shows, and Camel dances.
Need we say more?
Held every year from February 11 to April 10  on consecutive Thursdays, Chanan is a major attraction not only for Muslims but also for Hindus. The event is marked by tieing a red band on big jand tree on the shrine premises after making a mannat (wish). After the fulfilment, they are then required to return to distribute charity among the visitors. Chanan is beyond doubt an oasis of rich history and religion.

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