Bahawalpur - The City of Nawabs and Palaces

Well, getting to Bahawalpur is very simple as the roads and routes are well constructed and completely safe. 

By Plane:

This is the easiest way to get to Bahawalpur by taking a 1-hour flight from Islamabad.

By Road:

If you are just like me who wants to explore and is fond of taking the difficult track (regrets later) then here’s how you get to Bahawalpur. 

Starting with Islamabad and heading towards Lahore will take around 3 hrs via M2. You can either travel on Daewoo, Bilal Motors or Skyways. From Lahore, you carry on with your journey and reach Multan via M3, which takes around 4 hours. After this, you set out for your final destination Bahawalpur an hour away using the National Highway.

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