The climate of Faisalabad features a semi-arid climate in with very hot and humid summers and dry cool winters. The average maximum and minimum temperatures in June are 40.5 °C and 26.9 °C. In January the average minimum and maximum are 19.4 °C and 4.1 °C. The summer season starts in mid-April and continues until late October. May and June are the hottest months, while July, August and the first half of September can be oppressively humid, except for the days when it rains. June is the hottest month in Faisalabad when conditions are dry and dust storms are common. The coldest month is January, which is also a dry month with significant foggy days. The fog is particularly dense at night and in early morning hours. The winter season starts in November and continues until early February. Spring begins after mid-February and lasts usually until late March when temperatures begin to rise and conditions become drier and sunnier. The average annual rainfall is only about 375 millimeters which are highly seasonal since approximately half of the yearly rainfall takes place in July and August during the monsoon season.

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