Although the district of Swat has been the epicenter of tragedies, it has always fought back to rise again, stronger than ever. Swat underwent several militant and terrorism attacks which disrupted the peace of the district however the intelligence and security forces progressively helped the locality to regain the concord that was lost in 1992. In 2005 the district was again hit by a tragedy and lost its stability. It witnessed the deadliest earthquake responsible for massive losses in infrastructure and human lives, but due to the joint efforts of the provincial government, the residents and the armed forces it made an impressive recovery and defeated this call of death.

Kalam, renowned for its outstanding beauty is now one of the safest places proven by statistics of law and order due to tight control of army. Pakistan’s armed forces have established checkpoints at all entry points which assures more security and harmony. Hospitability and warm-heartedness of people serves to add to the beauty of this stunning valley making it safe and harmless. However, to experience the amiability of locals it is appreciated to respect their norms and beliefs. Dress appropriately and refrain from bedeviling the inhabitants in any way. Taking photographs of local women is not desirable. Men should refrain from wearing shorts and women are expected to keep their heads covered. Always carry your National Identity Card with you to steer clear of any inconvenience.

We wish you safe and happy travels.

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