Getting Naran from Islamabad:

The road from Islamabad to Naran takes about 6 hours, 250 kilometers. The most convenient option is a vehicle of your own, but you can also rent a vehicle from any major city. You can get to Naran via Mansehra on Naran road.  Mansehra is located approximately 120 kilometers from Naran, and the car journey between these two destinations takes just over three hours. There are two ways of getting there: taking a local bus from Pirwadhai bus station in Rawalpindi, or a Daewoo bus from the Daewoo terminal in Rawalpindi. Daewoo, a trendsetter transport company, uses modern information tools to facilitate their customers. It has reclining seats and is air-conditioned. Thus, it is recommended to use Daewoo. There is also a PTDC bus that leaves from Rawalpindi to Naran. Once in the city, you will need a jeep to get to the lakes and major attractions around the city. Once again, jeeps are available for hire in Naran and Balakot, and you can commission a driver too. Within the cities, there are limited cabs It is advised to fill up your tank in Mansehra before heading on to Naran as petrol is expensive in Naran as compared to larger cities.


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