Azad Jammu and Kashmir

In addition to the usual holidays and celebrations that take place around the country, Kashmir has its own special events. These are :

Saif-Ul-Mulook Festival

This takes place in April. The festival celebrates the Sufi Saint Baba Pir -e-Shah and is so named because he wrote the poem/story of Lake Saif-ul-Mulook.

Pahari Mushaira

This takes place around summer. Mushaira means poetry reading. Poets from all over Azaad Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan come to participate. It is organized by the Pahari Adabi Sangat (The Pahari literature organization), to promote and preserve Pahari, which is the language of the area.

There is also a summer MELA or festival/carnival every summer near the Mangla Dam lakefront.

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