Chitral- The Land of Majestic Mountains

The cultural diversity that Chitral offers is hard to fit in a few words. Chitral has a unique culture which makes Chitral a more queer yet mysterious. There are two racial groups in Chitral: one of them is Kalash; the descendants of Alexander the Great, the other named Khow. The Kalash people have their own identity totally different from the other communities.



The primary language spoken by the local people called Khow is Khowar, whereas the people of Kalash speak kalasha (also known as Kalasha-mondr). Urdu is widely understood by everyone in the region and so is Pashto, whereas the latter is spoken a lot as well.


Chitral translated as ‘field’  in Khowar. It is also spelled as ‘Qashqar’ or ‘Chetrar.’



Around 97% of the inhabitants of Chitral are Muslim, the majority being Sunni-Muslims and approximately forty percent being Shias.  However, the People of Kalash and its various tribes are thought to believe in multiple gods and believe in ancient rituals and religions.



Chitralis have their own traditional dress, embroidered by their owns elves though they mostly wear Shalwar Kameez which is the national dress of Pakistan. Women wear Duppatas and shawls along with shalwar kameez. The most popular headdress of Chitrali men is the woolen Pakhol. While the women also use some embroidery caps mainly in winter season called as Khoi.



Music is an integral part of Chitrali culture. They do not consider musical parties or concerts as a disgrace, which is why the rich musical tradition is practiced in almost all events and festivals.


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