Chitral- The Land of Majestic Mountains

Via Plane:

This is the shortest route to Chitral, a flight from Islamabad national airport to Chitral airport takes about an hour and fifteen minutes tops, one lands right in the middle of the town with everything open to exploration. PIA tends to operate flights from Islamabad and Peshawar on a daily basis.


Via Road:

One can take the M-1 motorway towards Peshawar, taking an exit on the Swat Expressway before Mardan. From here, one goes on to Batkhela where the national highway 45 (N-45) is joined. This highway goes directly to Dir and then to Chitral through the Lowari tunnel. Before the Tunnel was operational, one had to pass Dir into Chitral through the Lowari pass. The tunnel has shortened the journey by approximately seven hours, proving to be a great facility. The entire journey up till Chitral approximately takes 10 hours to complete.


The Road less traveled:

Although most people prefer the shortest possible routes to their destinations, so rarely are these the most scenic. If you wish to truly indulge in the beauty the north has to offer, we recommend visiting Chitral via Gilgit. One starts off on the National Highway 15 (N-15) where one first gets to Naran. Here surrounding destinations like Saif-Ul Malook lake and Lulusar Dudipadsar lake can be enjoyed. Through the national park, one merges on to the Karakoram Highway, where Gilgit is reached. Then one traverses along the Gilgit river eastward, right through Shandur pass into Mastuj. Chitral from here is only a two-hour jeep ride away. This route, by all accounts, is the most scenic and mesmerizing one can take into the town of Chitral. If the jeep rides are synchronized, the entire journey can take up to 14 hours without any significant time-consuming stops.


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