Hunza, Gilgit

Hunza has a profoundly fascinating cultureThe people have assimilated different cultural influences from thousands of years. Gilgit is very different from many Pakistani cities in terms of the literacy rate. At least three-quarters of people in the valley can read, irrespective of gender, unlike other regions where girls are deprived of their basic right to seek education. Most of the children in Hunza complete their high school education and later pursue further studies at university level. The construction of the Karakoram University may have also contributed to the increased literacy rate of the youth in Hunza.

It is also an extremely diverse region. People of different ethnicities reside here, the most prominent ones being the Baltis, Pushtuns, Mughals, Kashmiri, and Turks. The people of Hunza are extremely warm, welcoming and friendly. They are food lovers that enjoy a wide range of food, especially sweet food and nuts and fruit. In fact, the diet of the people of Hunza and Gilgit has long inspired much interest because of the historically long lives of the Hunza-ites. Dancing, sports like polo, and singing are also incorporated in the culture of Hunza. Furthermore, a number of cultural festivals are also celebrated in Hunza including Naurozi and Baba Ghundi, which make the culture of Hunza seem a lot more attractive to tourists worldwide, making it interesting for visitors to study this incredible culture. The dress and ornaments of the women here are also particular and unique, and fascinating to visitors.

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