By Air:

If you want to have a much quicker and a comfortable trip to Skardu, then taking a flight might seem a sensible option. Skardu has its own airport, and one can take a flight from Islamabad to Skardu directly. However, since only one airline operates in Skardu, thus this can be an expensive option for you.


By Road:

  • Using Karakoram Highway:

Heading towards Skardu from Islamabad using the Karakoram takes around 22 hours, 715 km.

49 km away from Islamabad lies Abbottabad which can be reached via M1 or Hazara Expressway after passing through Hassanabdal. Further away at a driver of 1.5 hrs is Haripur accessible via N-35. Next stop is Mansehra, Chattar Plains, Batta Gram, and Besham approximately 140 km away from Haripur. Next stop is Chillas located 7 hours away from Besham. Here you get to see freshwater springs in Thakot. Heading towards the final destination, Skardu found 5 hours 42 minutes away from Chillas, reached after passing through Jaglot via S-1 and Gilgit famous for ‘Mamtu & Chapshroo”.


  • Using  Babusar Pass:

Traveling to Skardu using Babusar Pass and passing through Naran take about 16 hours- 600 km. The journey begins from Islamabad and heading towards Bhurban using the Murree Expressway. Further lies Kohala an hour away from Bhurban and Muzaffarabad an hour away from Kohala. Moving ahead to Balakot 1.5 hours away from Muzaffarabad after passing through Garhi Habibullah, Naran, and Jalkhad. An hour away from Naran rests Bhatta Kundi from where next stop is Babusar Pass leading towards Chilas, Jaglot and finally Skardu via S-1.