Places to Visit

Jaulian Buddhist Monastery

Julian is a ruined Buddhist Monastery dating from the 2nd century CE. Located in the Haripur District, Jaulian is one of the oldest universities in…

  • Taxila

Taxila Museum

A center of all historical arts and architecture, Taxila Museum is a no-miss for anyone interested in history. Beautifully exhibiting the art of Gandhara, Taxila…

  • Taxila


Experience the richness of history and culture by visiting this destination in Taxila. Located 630 meters north of the northern gate of Sirkap, near the…

  • Taxila

Shigar Valley

A valley watered by the Shigar River and centered on the town of Shigar, Shigar is an absolute wonder to however visits it.  The valley…

  • Taxila