Snowfall in Sindh – Yes you read it right

Snowfall in Sindh — sounds more like fantasy but no, there’s one place in Sindh where it really snows in winter, to the extent that in 2008 the mountains got entirely covered with a layer of snow.

Gorakh is a Hill Station of Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated at an elevation of 5,689 ft in the Kirthar Mountains, 94 kilometers northwest of Dadu city.

You will need warm clothes here, even in summer. To go to this place, you should have SUV, if you don’t have SUV then you can reach to nearest place in Sindh and there are SUV services available, that can take you to this place for a fee of around 5k for the return trip.

There is a motel there where you can stay for night, but make sure to have book in advance as the motel is usually crowded.

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