Last year I took a vacation and spend 1 week in Lahore, Pakistan. Despite my friends and family’s protesting I went there as a solo backpacker and to my surprise this trip was one of the safest trip I’ve ever been.


Everyone loves to take a picture. This artist asked me to photograph him in front of the wall he was working on.


On my first evening in Lahore I was invited to the local wedding. That evening was not only colorful highlight of that trip but also one of the most special travel memory for me.


I went to Wagah border and watched the Flag lowering ceremony from the Pakistani side. And when there were hundreds of tourists from the Indian side, I can say that I was the only tourist from the Pakistani side and it was very fun.


I’ve never seen so many beautiful and colorful fabrics at one place.

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  1. Zaid Ahmed says:

    Loved it.

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