Tour De Shogran, Naran, Patriata

I Left Lahore at 5 am for Islamabad Airport to pick my sister, coming from Karachi, on the way to Islamabad. I faced my first hurdle, heavy rainfall, I was worried if it continues like this till patriata then I might have to cancel the trip. As these areas are notorious for land sliding. When I reached New Islamabad airport it was 9 AM, my sister flight from KHI to Islamabad got delayed and landed at Lahore Airport instead. Talk about bad luck. I and my then waited for 3 more hours and then the flight landed in Islamabad airport around 12:30 PM. We were about to lose hope when it landed so we got excited all over again.

We Left Islamabad around 12:45 PM for Shogran and had lunch around 4:00 PM at mansehra and then Arrived Kiwai at 6:00 PM and decided to go with our own City 2015 1.3 manual cars to shogran . The journey among the mountains was beautiful. As it rained before so the weather was extra pleasant. But the track was not in good condition, only 7KM but it took 1.5Hour to reach and then it started to rain heavily, car’s tyre start slipping and now I was worried. My wife and sister started praying. The rain was so heavy that it was hard to look beyond a certain point. By God’s grace, the rain stopped and we reached shogran at 7:30 PM. We Stayed at Shogran Hotel it costs 2000/ night for 3 persons, the rain didn’t stop all night
Day 2:
At 7:00 am we left for Siri paye ibut this time we didn’t take the risk and wnet there on a jeep. Which charged us around Rs.2200 and we ate breakfast at Siripaye for Rs. 600 spent some time sightseeing and then returned to shogran around 10 am and then left shogran for Naran. We reached Naran at 1:00 PM Naran was overcrowded and a bit messy because of the rain. The temperature and the smell of food made such an amazing environment that we were still mesmerized by its beauty. After taking some rest we then went to Saiful malook in a jeep for Rs.2500, the temperature was around 2 centigrade in naran. The trek to saiful malook was tough. heavy rain and lot of patches and glaciers made it even harder.
When we first saw the beauty of Saiful malook we were speechless. It was hard to explain in words what this place does to you. We spent some time there but the cold weather forced us to go back and we went to naran. In the Evening we had tea, boiled eggs and Dinner all in for Pkr 1500

We left Naran around 8:30 AM for Donga Gali , we Had Breakfast on our way at Kiwai. And Reached Donga Gali at 3:00 PM and ate lunch there and shifted our luggage to MUKSHPURI Hotel where we found a room for Rs.5000/night for 3persons (very neat clean and hot room including hot water facility all the time) sight from the hotel was also very beautiful

Day4: (15th May)
We Left our Hotel around 8:00 AM for Patriata chairlift and reach 9:30 AM. We purchased 3 tickets for rupees 1200, while we were on chairlift it was raining which made the whole experience a lot too special, we then went for horse riding. Which costs around Rs.400 plus Picture. After spending half a day we Left Patriata at 12:00 PM and reached Lahore 6:30 PM

Total Expenditures Including Fuel and Taxes; 36000

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