Why I hated deosai

Deosai is the highest altitude alpine plain. This is the most commonly used line to impress people of why Deosai is different. But is this line still a valid charm for Deosai? Doesn’t it bore you to know a fact over and over again? It sure did bore me. I was annoyed. There was a time I would go to any place but Deosai because no one sold it well to me. Why should I spend my time and money to go to a place whose claim to fame is its height?
One fine morning it hit me. Why am I waiting for others to tell me why deosai is beautiful and failing at it miserably why can’t I just go and see it for myself. So, I packed my bags and went on a long journey from Islamabad to Astore and then deosai. A long road passing through the Rocky Mountains kept on going. It was such a long journey that I thought if didn’t like deosai. I’ll make sure that everyone knows about my hatred towards it. But after a while, rocky mountains start turning green. Colour was not the only thing that was changing. Slowly mountains start merging into each other and they turned into waves of green mountains. Soon I saw a yak, this was the first time I saw a yak out in the wild. Deosai now starts growing on me. The wind turned from moderate to cold real quick. Now I was at the heart of it and it was high in altitude. Now I understood why its altitude was a big deal. You can’t understand how such a huge lush green mountain can hide behind the giant Rocky Mountains. It’s the journey that makes deosai great. It’s a journey of a lifetime that teaches you how life changes from one point to another. There might be a never-ending rocky track but after that, you will find a lush green valley of happiness.

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