Quetta is the capital of Balochistan, one of the five provinces of Pakistan and is the ninth biggest city of Pakistan. How great? Quetta is an unheralded gem of Pakistan 

It is famous for  “fruit production hub of Pakistan” on account of a few yield ranches delivering huge assorted variety of foods grown from the ground natural products inside and around it. So if you know someone who is Quetta ask them to bring you loads of nuts. Some people like to call it ‘Mini Paris’ because of its beauty and geographical position. Quetta is a town with many pastures, hills, various crops, and beautiful creatures. Quetta, located in the south of Balochistan close the Pak-Afghan border at an altitude of 1,680 meters above the plains, is a business and communicating nerve between these two countries. Quetta is one of Pakistan’s most populated and populous towns with nearly two million inhabitants.

Places in Quetta

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