Faisalabad, the third most populated metropolis in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore is an epicenter for trade that has gained popularity for its colonial heritage sites. Faisalabad continues to become one of the most diverse cities of Pakistan and hs a rich culture mainly because it is an industrial and metropolis city and people from all over Pakistan come to work here. Being the third most populous city of Pakistan, Faisalabad has a different variety of dialects spoken. 

Though some cities may be known for Biryani while others for Rabri and sweet, Faisalabad leaves all of them behind and is famous for somosas

Did you know Faisalabad has a special place dedicated to somosas know as the Somosa Chowk?

Another thing which makes Faisalabad absolutely special is that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the famous singer, and musician was born in this city. The people enjoy all types of music and throughout the years, concerts and musical night are arranged where different artist perform to amuse the people.

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