Soldier at worlds highest polo ground: My experience at shandoor polo festival

He was standing strong at 12500 feet, with a little movement of seven feet towards the right side and six towards left. Just staring at mountains. At first, he was mesmerised by the colours and mountains but after a few days, he realised it was nothing but a beautiful cage. He has a job to do, but what is that job? There is no one to fight but he still stands at the highest ground being the only fighter.


I was watching him; thinking that he was there for me. I went ahead and asked, what’s your name?
He replied I am Abdul Rahman. With a smile that showed how much he wanted this conversation
I said, are you enjoying? His smile vanished and he said it’s my job
I said, can I take a picture?
He said will you put it on the internet?
I said, if you don’t want that, I won’t.
He said, please put it on internet
I said you know how to use the internet?
He said, no but please put it on the internet.
I went back home and here is the picture on the internet but I don’t know where he is, maybe still on the same spot doing the same seven feet towards right and six towards left march.

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