Chitral- The Land of Majestic Mountains

Chitral is known to be the most romantic place in Pakistan, with its ravishing landscape leaving you to feel enchanted. The scenic beauty of this place demands that you immediately pack your bags and get, set, go!

Located among the Hindu Kush mountains in the northwest of Pakistan, Chitral never fails to spellbound anyone who visits it. Carpets of grass stretched miles and miles away, glacier-encrusted mountain areas and lower down along lost valleys, glittering lakes, and hiking trails provide you with must-do-before-death experiences.

From ancient times, Chitral is an important point on the trade routes from northern Afghanistan and the Tarim Basin to the plains of Gandhara.  It underwent a series of regime shifts, of ancient Dardic rule right up to Iranian rule, up until it appeared as a princely state in 1947 and became a part of British India. The state was merged into Pakistan in July 1969. It remained on its own as an independent state for centuries with its own unique culture and language.


Places in Chitral- The Land of Majestic Mountains

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My Experience as Solo Female Traveler in Pakistan

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