Places to Visit

Birir Valley

Famously known as the Valley of Ancient Pagans, Birir is located at a distance of 2 hrs, 45 km from Chitral. Here you get to…

  • Kalash Valley


Bashaleni is a secluded house in Kalash for women during menstruation and childbirth because they are considered impure during this time. Bashaleni is a maternity…

  • Kalash Valley

Brun Village

Brun is a village in Bumburet valley famous for Jastakan and Charso (dancing halls for festivities). Kalash women and girls dress in traditional attire at…

  • Kalash Valley

Graveyard of Kalash Valley

Kalash people always stuck to their centuries-old customs and rituals. There is a local proverb ‘When a Kalash is buried, his wealth is dug out,…

  • Kalash Valley

Kalash Dur Museum

Located in Bumburet Valley, Kalash Museum is the storehouse of unique and mysterious Kalash culture. It is a good place to know and understand how…

  • Kalash Valley


Karkal is a residence to people fond of dancing and singing. It’s hard to question their dancing abilities. The highlight of Karkal is its famous…

  • Kalash Valley


Malosh is the holy abode for all sacrifices. The place gives you a glimpse of Islam and the essence of sacrifices in Islam.

  • Kalash Valley


Eminently known as the capital of Kalash Ruler Rajawai in 10th century A.D, Patrik is a historical place worth a visit for all curious minds…

  • Kalash Valley

Rumbur Valley

Located three hours, 45 km away from Chitral town in the heart of Hindu Kush, Rumbur valleys exhibits a vibrant culture of Kalash community. Rumbur…

  • Kalash Valley

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